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Black Tea

Traditional Black Tea Blends
  • English Breakfast
  • $5.50/55gm
  • Irish Breakfast
  • $5.50/55gm
    Scottish Breakfast$5.50/55gm
    Organic Breakfast$6.95/55gm
    English Afternoon$5.95/55gm
    Queen Mary
    A blend of fine Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas.
    Yorkshire Blend$5.95/55gm
    World Estate Teas

    Our collection of single estate black teas provides a great introduction to the tastes and depths possible in a cup of tea without added flavours.

    Assam Borbam
    Borbam Tea Estate, north-eastern India
    TGFOP1 black tea

    Assam Gingia$6.95/55gm
    Assam Jamguri (Organic)

    Margaret's Hope Darjeeling
    Margaret's Hope Tea Estate, northern India
  • Darjeeling Mim

  • Mim Tea Estate, northern India
    Nilgiri Thiashola
    Thiashola Tea Estate, Nilgiri Highlands in Southern India
    OP black tea

    Ceylon Pettiagalla$6.95/55gm
    Ceylon OP Kenilworth
    Kenilworth Tea Estate, south-central Sri Lanka
    OP black tea
  • Kenya Marinyn
    Marinyn Tea Estate, western Kenya
    GFOP1 Orthodox black tea
  • $5.50/55gm
    Kenya Kambaa
    Kambaa Tea Factory, central Kenya
    GBOP black tea
    Lover's Leap
    Lover's Leap Tea Estate, western Sri Lanka
    OP black tea

    Tanzania Ambangulu$5.95/55gm
    Yunnan Gunpowder$5.50/55gm
    Yunnan Imperial Organic$5.95/55gm
  • China Keemun
    Eastern China black tea

  • $7.50/55gm
    Flavoured Black Teas

    Our collection of fine Ceylon Orange Pekoe black teas includes the following flavoured treats:

    Angel's Dream
  • Black Currant
  • $6.50/55gm
    Cinnamon, clove, ginger, and cardamom spiced tea
    Chocolate Chili Heat$5.95/55gm
  • Chocolate Mint
  • $6.50/55gm
    Cranberry Cream
    Cranberry with a smooth vanilla overtone
    Creamy Monk's TeaOUT OF STOCK
    Earl Grey Traditional
    Our interpretation of the ever popular black tea with oil of bergamot
  • Earl Grey Double Bergamot

  • Earl Grey with a dominant bergamot flavour
    Earl Grey (Organic)$7.00/50gm
    Earl Grey Buckingham Palace Garden Party
    A traditional Earl Grey black tea blend with Jasmine-infused green tea
  • Earl Grey Cream
    Earl Grey with a smooth vanilla overtone
  • $5.50/55gm
    Earl Grey "Hint of Smoke"$6.50/55gm
    Earl Grey Provence
    Traditional Earl Grey with lavender
    Earl Grey Russian
    Earl Grey with orange peel and lemongrass
    Lady Grey
    Oil of bergamot, orange peel and rose petals
    Cassis Earl Grey
    Blackcurrant and bergamot flavoured blend of Ceylon and Assam teas
    Ginger Lemon$5.95/55gm
    Ginger Peach$6.50/55gm
    Ginger Turmeric$6.50/55gm
    Island Coconut$5.95/55gm
    Jasmine Rose
    Organic Jasmine and China Rose
    Lapsang Souchong
    Our ever popular smokey black tea
    Lemon Grove$5.95/55gm
  • Mango
  • $5.95/55gm
    Monk's Blend
    Our ever popular tea with a sweet grenadine blend and orangeblossom
  • Mountain Berry
    A rich berry tea decorated with rose petals
  • $5.95/55gm
    Orange Grove$5.95/55gm
    Orange Spice
    Orange peel, cinnamon and clove
    Peachy Keen$5.95/55gm
    Prince of Wales$5.95/55gm
  • Raspberry
  • $6.50/55gm
    Russian Caravan
    A traditional blend with Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, and Keemun
  • Strawberry
  • $5.95/55gm
  • Victorian Garden
    A Ceylon black tea blend with China gunpowder and decorated with lavender and rose petals
  • $5.95/55gm
    Wedding Bells (Rose Congou)$5.95/55gm
    Available in Teabags
    Blueberry$5.50/20 bags
    Assam$5.50/20 bags
    Black Currant$5.50/20 bags
    Chocolate Mint$5.50/20 bags
    Mango$5.50/20 bags
    Mountain Berry$5.95/20 bags
    Raspberry$5.50/20 bags
    Strawberry$5.50/20 bags
    Vanilla$5.50/20 bags
    Victorian Garden$5.95/20 bags
    Cream Earl Grey$5.50/20 bags
    Earl GreyOUT OF STOCK
    Darjeeling Mim$5.95/20 bags
    CeylonOUT OF STOCK
    English BreakfastOUT OF STOCK
    Irish Breakfast$5.50/20 bags
    China Keemun$5.50/20 bags
  • Circles show teas also available in teabags

  • Discounts are applied when you purchase more than the base quantities of individual teas.

    The tea prices are subject to change and the teas mentioned are subject to availability.

    Please call before coming in to the shop, especially in relation to seasonal teas and blends.

    If you would like to order any of our teas or coffees you have two options:

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